Zombieland Pilot on Amazon

zombie land pilotWere you a fan of Zombieland the movie?  I was.  I don’t really go in for all that zombie nonsense, but the movie was pretty funny and it had a fantastic cameo by funny man Bill Murray playing himself as a zombie.  Well, if you were a fan of the movie, you might want to stop by Amazon streaming.  They have the Zombieland pilot there that you can watch for free.  The trailer doesn’t look too bad but it will have a lot to overcome.  None of the people from the movie (although Murray might or might not show up in the pilot) are in the show but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to be good (remember a little show called M*A*S*H?).  Anyway, you can go here to watch the pilot episode.  Amazon has got a thing going on right now with 12 different pilot episodes available and viewer feedback will determine which pilots get picked up.

Here’s the trailer for the Zombieland pilot on Amazon: