Zero Hour – Interesting Premise

The season and series finale of Zero Hour aired this past Sunday, but with family, work, and my feud with Midwest Mark, I didn’t have a chance to watch it until last night.

Based on the ratings, it appears that other than me, only friends and family of the actors were watching this show.

That’s unfortunate.  I’m not here to argue it was the greatest show on TV, it wasn’t.  But it was entertaining and had a unique concept – could man bring about the end of the world by ultimately cloning Christ.  I know it sounds crazy when I say it, but heck The Da Vinci Code was a popular movie and it was about as believable.

There was more potential for this show then ABC probably realized.

The show premiered in February but was pulled after only 3 episodes.  Then, with little fan fare, the show returned in June and aired the final 10 episodes.  During it’s initial airing, over 5 million people watched each episode.  The series finale had just over 1 million.  That’s probably because nobody knew it was coming back.

So where I believe ABC missed the mark on this was, they could have held it until June and aired it as a Summer show.  Then promote it as a “mini” series so that viewers knew it would have a definitive start and end date.

I think this would have kept more viewers as they would know a conclusion was coming.  Unlike Under The Dome, which now with a 2nd season who knows if there will ever be life after the dome.

In addition, an interesting twist with the finale is that while it resolved the main story line, they left open the possibility of exploring other story lines.  For example, another season could have been about Area 51 or the Kennedy assassination.  It almost could have been like 24 in that each season would deal with a new issue.

At least ABC aired all 13 episodes so that those of us that stuck it out have closure.