Ylvis: My New Favorite Band

Ylvis-fox-says-729-620x349Children today listen to awful music.  And I should know, I have two of them.  While one is still too young to have his own musical tastes (which I am trying to “gently persuade” with a healthy dose of 70’s rock), the other has a bedroom plastered with Bieber and Selena Gomez and other various Disney-pop-garbage-teenie-bopper singers.  I tried to counter it one day by putting on a little Led Zeppelin to which she said “Dad, what is this?  Turn it off”.  I’m out of ideas, and I can’t very well pull a ‘Clockwork Orange’ of sorts by forcing her ears open and bombarding her with 90’s alt-rock.

So when my daughter comes home from school today and begs me to listen to a song she just heard, my first inclination was to tell her “that’s nice sweetie… here’s a quarter.  Go play in your room” but against all logic and reason I said ok.  And that’s when I learned all about ‘what the fox says’.

As a side-note, I don’t believe in the entire year that MWTVG has been gracing the interwebz with its presence that we have ever covered music videos.  We’ve flirted with the idea by covering MTV every now and again, but here I go diving into virgin territory.

In all fairness to me, YLVIS does hail from Norwegian television airwaives and a string of successful variety shows.  Now I know what you’re thinking:  Norway has televisions?  I was surprised too.  That being said, I suppose a “successful variety show” in Norway (or is it “Norwegia”?  Who gives a damn…  ‘Murica.) doesn’t need to live up to much.  Those hermits are probably just happy to see moving pictures in the first place, let alone in color.  This is what I think of other countries.

Ylvis is extremely unique in ways other than its missing vowel because it is pure comedy gold.  Their “THE FOX” video went viral in the days after its release to have over 152 million views, or just a few shy of an average week on our blog.  In addition to “THE FOX”, the rest of their videos are downright hilarious.  Check it out below and you will not regret viewing their entire youtube playlist.  Just bear in mind that even though “THE FOX” is pretty tame, some of them are extremely NSFW.

Here’s another one about Stonehenge:

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  1. Midwest Miller // October 23, 2013 at 10:00 pm //

    I’m a bit disappointed that you have not seen this before now…..it is so stupid, yet good. It’s like having a pregnant wife(its great that shes pregnant, but it sucks that shes pregnant).

    On a sidenote, try subjecting your young darling to some in-between music, perhaps a rap song from the 90’s….maybe damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

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