Yahoo Announces Six New Original Series

johnstamosYAHOO is about to jump on the bandwagon of non-televised television shows with last night’s announcement of six original series getting an official greenlight.  The six series include three HGTV-ish cooking/fashion shows (??) and three comedies.


TINY COMMANDO – ED HELMS will be helming (so to speak) a series about a 4-inch tall detective.  ED HELMS = hilarious.  4-inch tall detectives?  That remains to be seen.  All we need now is RICK MORANIS to reprise his role as Wayne Szalinski.

LOSING YOUR VIRGINITY WITH JOHN STAMOS – Wins the grand prize for the best named series of all-time.  Executive producer MORGAN SPURLOCK (SUPERSIZE ME) will have JOHN STAMOS interviewing celebrities about their first encounters in love making. I have a feeling this will be can’t-miss material.

WE NEED HELP – CHERYL HINES from CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM doesn’t like her job.  We get to laugh at her pain and think about how we all love everything about our lousy jobs.

FASHION RECIPE – blah, blah, blah… “what not-not to wear” or something like that.  We here at MIDWEST TV GUYS pride ourselves on being men who don’t watch stuff like this.  All you MIDWEST TV GALS go ahead and knock yourselves out.

CINEMA AND SPICE – Cooking food and talking about movies?  I would rather eat food and watch the movie for myself.  Personally, I would have much rather seen this get produced:


GRILL GIRLS – Hot damn, this is a premise I can wrap my mind around.  The combination of two awesome things don’t always make for an awesomer thing, but how can you possibly screw up chicks grilling stuff?

It sounds like most of these new series are coming out around the fall, and we will update you for sure.  I was not very impressed by many of the Amazon pilots, so hopefully Yahoo can do better with much more star power behind them.

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  1. Midwest Mike // May 1, 2013 at 6:59 am //

    The Food Network did a special called Grill Girls and there was a contestant on a recent season of Next Food Network Star that was pitching this idea.

    Cinema and Spice is a ripoff of TBS’ Dinner and a Movie.

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