The Worst Commercials of Christmas 2013

worst commercials of Christmas 2013

worst commercials of Christmas 2013Something strange happened this Christmas. I wasn’t as annoyed by commercials this year as I have been in years past. Does that mean that my small heart grew two sizes that day? No I don’t think so. I think there are two reasons for why commercials were less annoying. First, I think it’s possible retailers (specifically the jewelry and luxury car guys) are starting to get it. Why waste money on commercials that everyone hates? Does it really help? The other reason, and it’s probably the bigger reason, is that I and millions of other folks watch much less live TV. We are watching on Netflix or some other streaming service or we are watching recorded TV on our DVR’s so we can skip commercials. there is no point in wasting money on advertising when people just won’t watch it.

That’s not to say that all is good in Whoville. There were still some annoying commercials this year. The list is small but the commercials on this list definitely deserve to be there. Here are the worst commercials of Christmas 2013:

Ford Dream Big Sales Event


One day I would like to talk to someone about how commercials get approved at large companies. The thing that I marvel at with this commercial is that I’m sure there were plenty of people at Ford who watched it who at any point in the chain of events could have killed this yet they all said yes. This commercial got on the air. What is with this chick’s snotty attitude? Doesn’t she know she’s sitting on the big guy’s lap? Now I know Santa knows a lot of things, but why in the world would he know that this girl is in fashion? Sure, Santa is being a tiny bit condescending and sexist assuming that she runs a lemonade stand, but remember, Santa comes from a different generation. Also, why is this girl asking for a car that has park assist? She can’t drive it anyway so whichever of her minions has to drive her around is the one who has to park the thing. Is she just looking out? There is so much annoying in this commercial that I’m sure Santa had to put it on his naughty list.


Kay Jewelers Mistletoe Meeting


In fairness to Kay, they actually premiered this commercial during Christmas 2012. They didn’t play it very often because I didn’t see it until this Christmas so it goes on this list now. I wonder if they thought this commercial would get better with age. If that’s what the big wigs at Kay were thinking, they were wrong. If anything, they should have had time to reassess the commercial and realize what they were subjecting TV watchers to. Wait. What am I talking about? Kay is one of the world’s biggest villains when it comes to awful commercials.

In this commercial, we have a mistletoe executive complaining about sales. ┬áKisses are up but sales are down. That’s the premise? I know, you’re saying I’m reading in to this too much. It’s just supposed to be a cute commercial and I shouldn’t analyze it right? Wrong. Kay doesn’t get a break for anything. They gave us the storm commercial. Remember? Anyone who makes a commercial like that deserves scorn and ridicule for the rest of their existence. So I don’t buy that this big time mistletoe executive has no idea why his business is suffering. I also don’t buy that Kay is the reason for that suffering.

Well guess what? That’s it. I only have 2 commercials that I thought were the worst commercials of Christmas 2013. If there are any that I missed, be sure to let me know. We have got to spread the word about bad Christmas commercials. We can’t let these companies off the hook. If we work together, we can make a difference.