The Worst Commercial Ever

are you geared upI write a lot about commercials because they are a big part of TV. The invention of the DVR and internet streaming has lessened their impact from what it once was, but there are times when we are still forced to watch commercials. Sometimes commercials are good, and sometimes they are bad. Sometimes, they are like this one and they become the worst commercial ever.  Check out this commercial and tell me how much you agree with me because frankly, there is no way you can’t agree with me after you see this:


Am I right or am I right? Who is not offended by that commercial? It’s universally offending. So the pretty girl is so fascinated by the guy’s phone/watch that she leaves her boyfriend? Really? If I were the boyfriend, instead of dropping my phone and skis off the lift, I would have dropped the pretentious douche dude who’s hitting on my girlfriend right in front of me off the lift. Then I would use his watch/phone to call his mom to tell her what I just did to her douche of a son.

This is the worst commercial ever but I’m sure Samsung doesn’t mind me saying that. It’s already got over 800,000 views on YouTube right now so they certainly aren’t feeling any pain. The question I would ask is this commercial on purpose? Did they make it this bad on purpose or is it accidentally bad?  If they did it on purpose, well done. If it’s an accident, someone needs to be fired.

What do you think? Is it the worst commercial ever? (worst ever until the next one because there will always be something worse)

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  1. Listen Other Midwest Mike, we are trying to build a reputable site over here and your constant John Meyer references really hurt our rankings. We are now big on but that’s not really our target audience.

  2. The other Midwest Mike // December 23, 2013 at 12:44 pm //

    Bad commercial no doubt!

    The guy is a douche, but I don’t think the girl was the other guy’s girlfriend. I think he was trying to hit on her also, but failed because he uses two skis, wears a hat that was only cool three years ago and has/had a blackberry.

    That and the douchey guy looks like John Mayer, so he had no chance.

    • Midwest Mike // December 23, 2013 at 12:54 pm //

      I was just about to comment that I just noticed that the other guy had skis and not a snowboard. Good catch. Of course he is going to lose the girl. He’s not a cool snowboarder. Everyone knows that.

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