Will Steve Carell Be Back for The Office Finale?

steve carellThe internet (well the nerdy pages I read) has been tossing around the question will Steve Carell be back for The Office finale since the last season was announced.  Steve Carell has said that he has zero interest in taking part in the finale but there are reports that Carell was on set for the finale.  It hasn’t been confirmed that he has filmed a last farewell from Michael Scott, but someone from the show told TV Line to “not rule anything out.”

While I really and truly hate the character of Michael Scott, who I believe to be one of the most horrible people on TV during his time, I would like to see him back for the finale.  I really hate it when a star gets famous from a role on TV and then acts too big to come back for that show’s finale.  George Clooney showed up for the finale of ER for cryin’ out loud and he is a way bigger star than Steve Carell.

Will Steve Carell be back for The Office finale?  We’ll have to wait until The Office finale airs on May 16.