Wilfred Season 3

wilfredOne of my favorite shows is back on Thursday.  Wilfred season 3 premieres on the FX Network Thursday June 20 at 9:00.  FX will air two new episodes back to back for the premiere so if you are a fan of the hysterically funny Wilfred, be ready for a full hour to help us recover from the withdrawal symptoms we have all suffered since the end of season 2.

For those who are not watching this show, I highly recommend it.  I know from talking to people who don’t watch Wilfred that the main reason they aren’t watching is because they think it looks stupid.  A grown man in a dog suit?  How can that be funny?  Well trust me, it is.  Think of Wilfred as a buddy comedy because thats what it is.  While Wilfred (played by creator Jason Gann, who is also one of my 10 funniest men on TV) is in fact a dog, Ryan (Tobey McGuire, just kidding, it’s Elijah Wood, you wouldn’t have known the difference) is the only one who sees the true personality of Wilfred.  What’s Wilfred’s true personality?  A degenerate, pot-smoking, horny bastard of a dog.  It’s really worth checking out if you are looking for an easy 30 minute comedy to get in to.  This show certainly won’t make you smarter but it’s way better than 2 Broke Girls.

Here are all the promos for Wilfred season 3 that FX has been running all in one place.  If you want to get an idea about the show, here is a good place to start.


FYI, I know I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to some TV shows and yes, I do sometimes (always) judge you when you don’t like a show that I like (seriously, if you don’t like Arrested Development, there has to be something wrong with you) but in this case, I will understand if you don’t like the show.  I won’t love it if you don’t like it, but I’ll be ok with it.