Whodunnit – Does Anyone Really Care?

Whodunnit premiered last night on ABC and several MWTVG fans had said they were really interested in this show.  It’s from Anthony Zuiker, the creator of CSI and is a murder mystery reality show.

It’s summer so what the heck I gave it a watch.  The verdict?  I’m very confused by what I just watched.

The problem I have with most reality shows is the contestants.  They either seem to find the craziest people with unsolvable mental illnesses or people that are just not interesting.  For me dawg, it’s the first problem with this show – the contestants are kind of boring.   

The show starts with 13 contestants assembling at a mansion to play some type of reality game.  They meet the butler who kind of narrates and directs the contestants.  About 10 minutes in the cheerleader contestant is killed (no not really).

So that had to be planned from the start right?  She had to know she was going to be the first victim and not one of the actual contestants right?  Otherwise, she really got the short end of the stick because, well, she’s dead.

Anyway, the gist of the game is that the remaining 12 contestants have to try to “solve” the murder.  This part is very confusing as well.  There are 3 locations that a contestant could visit – the crime scene, the victims last known location, and the morgue.  However, they only get to visit one.

So this leads to the traditional reality show contrivance – the alliance.  The contestants get together with other contestants so that they can share information about the other scenes.  This part is painful because if you’ve paid attention most of the contestants are kind of boring.  It’s very reminiscent of King of the Nerds.

Where’s all this heading?  Once the scenes are viewed and the information is shared each contestant makes a statement of fact, explaining what they think actually happened.  The contestants that are the farthest off risk being the next victim.

The concept isn’t bad, but in reality it’s kind of a goofy show.  When the first victim “dies” all the contestants rush into the room.  It’s obviously fake, but they all act like they are seeing a real dead body.  When they visit the body in the morgue that’s not at all weird.  There’s the dead cheerleader on the slab.  Let’s go examine her for clues.

So are these people actors or just regular people?  At some point 10 of them are going to die and have to act like they are the dead body in the morgue.  There are already enough actors on TV that can’t act, do we really want to watch these people attempt it.

I might give it another watch, as of now I’m undecided.