Who in Run D.M.C. is Responsible For This?

Remember how I said that Christmas time sucks because of the commercials?  I just saw one tonight that not only sucks, but ruins the hell out of Run D.M.C.  Watch this commercial and see if you can pinpoint the moment where someone in Run D.M.C. completely sold out:


Jam Master Jay is no longer with us so he for sure can’t be held responsible for this.  I want to know, who in Run D.M.C. is responsible for this?  Do retailers hold nothing sacred any more?

4 Comments on Who in Run D.M.C. is Responsible For This?

  1. I’m going to have to say the pivotal sold-out moment is when the 7 moms start jamming in the minivan to Run D.M.C. (White women singing about their mom’s cooking collard greens!) Run D.M.C. will never be cool for the kids again.

    • Midwest Mike // November 21, 2012 at 9:07 am //

      Jam Master Jay has to be rolling over in his grave.

    • You know, no comment on my Love It Or List It post hurts my feelings.

      • LOL Midwest Mo! (Feelings?) Yesterday I shared your “Love it or List it” post with my Facebook friends and had a nice conversation there, reeling in a bunch of Facebook ‘Likes’ for your post. If you were my friend on FB, you would know that. If you FB, you can find me thru Midwest Mike.

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