Whitney is Here to End the World

Want to know what’s the worst show on TV?  I know most of you think I’ll say 2 BROKE GIRLS, and yes, that show is godawful, but no.  The worst show on TV is WHITNEY.  2 BROKE GIRLS can’t help themselves.  Neither of the women that star on that show are talented in any way and their show is on CBS.  There isn’t much that can be done for that show so to keep hating on it is just not gentlemanly, and I’m nothing if not a gentleman.

WHITNEY however?  This show has no excuse.  It stars one of my favorite comedians, Whitney Cummings, who is a seriously funny woman.  You might recognize her from the Comedy Central Roast series.  Here she is roasting Joan Rivers:


This lady is really funny.  You would think that putting her on her own show would be gold right?  Well no.  You’d be wrong.  I had high hopes for this show last season but within just 1 episode, I was out.  The show is painful.  I don’t think, or at least I hope, that Whitney has anything to do with the writing of the show because there are absolutely no jokes on the show.  Seriously.  There isn’t one funny thing that ever happens on the show.  Here is the trailer.  It tells you everything you need to know:


NBC waited to air WHITNEY this season until using it as a mid-season replacement and since they cancelled ANIMAL PRACTICE, they had a slot for it.  The travesty is that rather than bringing COMMUNITY back now, they chose to go with WHITNEY before COMMUNITY.  If that doesn’t mean that NBC really wants to kill COMMUNITY, then I don’t know what does.

So NBC cancelled ANIMAL PRACTICE because of low ratings.  What did WHITNEY rate on her season premiere?  Well, she tied ANIMAL PRACTICE.  Does that mean NBC will finally euthanize this show?  We can only hope and pray.  If not, well you know what I think about the Mayans.  Let’s hope that Whitney isn’t here to end the world.