When Was Someone Going To Tell Me?

Ok so I’ve heard people talking about the new NBC comedy that is premiering this week, MOCKINGBIRD LANE, and I thought immediately: pass.  I wasn’t much interested in a re-make of THE MUNSTERS not because I thought that show was bad, but because I idolize that show and I don’t want to see it’s legacy trampled by another re-make trying to cash in on nostalgia.

Then I saw who was in the cast.

That is Cush, I mean, Jerry O’Connell and I am not afraid to admit that I have a massive man-crush on him.  I will watch anything that he is in, anything.  I’ve watched TOM CATS and KANGAROO JACK for crying out loud.  I have been a fan of this guy since JERRY MCGUIRE and I don’t think I have ever actually called him by his real name since that movie.  To me, he will always be Cush.

Ok so Cush is in MOCKINGBIRD LANE but he is not the only person that is drawing me to this show (as if more would be needed).  The show also is starring Portia de Rossi who was of course brilliant in ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT but was also amazing in a show that suffered from the Writer’s Guild strike, BETTER OFF TED.  I think her character on that show was even better than Lindsey Bluth Funke and it was a shame that show got cancelled.

In addition to Cush and Portia, the show also stars British comedian Eddy Izzard 

who has been doing more than just comedy over the last several years and has turned in to one hell of an actor.  He had a great show that didn’t survive on FX, which is rare that FX has a miss because they are in my opinion, the best network on television, called THE RICHES.

NBC says that this show is certainly going to have a darker edge than fans of the original MUNSTERS will remember but that is to be expected since the original ran from 1964-1966 and would definitely need an update.

Here is the trailer from NBC:

The show premiers this Friday October 26th at 7pm on NBC.  Since I know I won’t be going out on Friday night, I’ll be home watching this.

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  1. Corbyn Samuels // October 26, 2012 at 11:56 am //

    From what I’ve seen in the clips for this Halloween special it’s pretty interesting. It definitely is a brand new take on The Munsters show my mom used to watch on reruns on TVLand. I don’t see anything wrong with making the Munsters a little more serious and grown up. True Munster fans might be a little distraught over the loss of the original makeup but I think it’s a good idea. It’s hard to believe that this has been in production for two years and has cost NBC two million dollars. Even though it’s one night only I’ve got my Hopper timer set to record the show. The cast alone is reason to watch this Halloween special. My DISH co-worker is really excited about Portia DeRossi and she really has a good role in the show. My question is if NBC is still deliberating on whether or not the show may be picked up as a series, who would they get to take over? Bryan Fuller is currently working on Hannibal.

    • Midwest Mike // October 26, 2012 at 9:15 pm //

      I’m curious too Corbyn to see how NBC would handle this if they do decide to order up a full season of episodes after this pilot. We know that Portia de Rossi is working on the return of Arrested Development which will then turn in to working on the Arrested Development movie. If they order a season, will it be with the same people? The same writers? Chances are no since they have probably moved on after the pilot didn’t get picked up.

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