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  1. Midwest Mike // October 5, 2012 at 6:59 pm //

    What happened to this show? How did you miss the end? It might be my all-time favorite series finale. It was just fantastic. And to answer your question, no his last leap did not take him home. The end credits say that Dr. Beckett never returned home.

    What is upsetting about this show now is that it has been released on DVD but you can’t get them with the original sound track because the licensing was too expensive for America. If you want them with the original sound track, and you should because the scene with Al dancing with his wife to Georgia on My Mind just isn’t the same without the music, then you have to buy the European version which will also require a special DVD player.

    Yes I’ve researched what I would need to do to buy both of these things just so I can have the original QUANTUM LEAP.

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