What I’ve Been Reduced To…

Sunday night.  Where I would normally be putting my son to sleep and getting some snacks and my laptop just in time to throw together some wickedly insightful post on THE WALKING DEAD, I am now merely a husk of my former self wallowing in the emptiness that is the midseason break.

So tonight when I sat down with some cheese popcorn and my aforesaid laptop, none other than SISTER WIVES is on the television with my wife helming the remote control.  With my ‘man cave’ not quite up to spec yet, I had two options: suck it up and watch SISTER WIVES or go paint a couple of walls.  Unfortunately I picked the former and report that it is one of the silliest shows on TV.  And on TLC nonetheless.  The Learning Channel.  Let that one sink in for a second.


Some poor sap is married to four different women and has what seems like 95 kids among them all.  He’s building four different custom homes for all of his families in Las Vegas which makes me curious as to what he freaking does for a living.  And I thought that one ‘honeydo list’ was more than enough… I couldn’t imagine four!  It wouldn’t be such a big deal if they were all Sofia Vergara in stature–then I could see his point.  But they are far (far far far) from it.  I know looks aren’t everything, but they should at least be a starting point.  Maybe he’s just a sucker for punishment.

Thankfully I was saved by one of my favorite seasonal shows… AX MEN on THE HISTORY CHANNEL (queue up more channel irony).  I lump AX MEN into the “thank god I don’t have that job” category.  Essentially a whole bunch of idiots run around logging forests screaming profanities at everything.  If tons of falling timber doesn’t kill them first, they constantly try to kill each other.  This is entertainment of the highest order.


Sad to say that JIMMY SMITH one of the swamp loggers recently passed away from a battle with cancer at the age of 56.  His constant knock-down drag-out fights with his son were a pretty funny part of the show.  Now they show Jimmy going to his cancer treatments which is moderately uncomfortable already knowing the eventual outcome.

Anyway, if you don’t already watch AX MEN, please start.  If you already watch SISTER WIVES, please stop.