WGN’s Pat Tomasulo Visits Nudist Camp to Recreate Top Gun Scene

wgn's pat tomasulo visits nudist camp

I love Pat Tomasulo from WGN. The guy is hysterically funny. He does some of the best reporting segments in Chicago. He is always funny.

Recently, Pat visited a nudist camp that is not far from Chicago to check things out. The video itself is very funny. Just check out Pat’s reactions. This is over 5 minutes of fantastic nudist innuendo. Be sure to stay tuned too for Pat getting folks to recreate a famous scene from Top Gun. You are going to have to let your imagination run wild for a second if you don’t watch the video to see which scene Pat gets the nudists to recreate.

WGN’s Pat Tomasulo Visits Nudist Camp

Fantastic. You can follow Pat on his YouTube page to see other very funny videos he has posted for WGN. I am amazed that this guy isn’t a huge star yet. On one hand, I’m glad because I want to keep him here in Chicago. On the other hand though, man this guy could be huge.

Keep it up Pat. No pun intended.

On a side note, the place actually looks kind of nice.  I don’t know what I was expecting but something that didn’t surprise me was what appeared to be the average age of people who were there. Also, who exactly was willing to go on camera there?