WGN’s Pat Tomasulo Trolls the Trolls

pat tomasulo trolls the trolls

pat tomasulo trolls the trollsBeing from Chicago, we are used to a certain level of professionalism when it comes to our local news. We are home to the most brilliant weatherman in history, Tom Skilling, the launch pad for such news luminaries as Anchorman narrator Bill Curtis, and Lester Holt. This place is the big leagues when it comes to the news. We’ve got a newsman here on WGN that you need to be introduced to. Some of you might know him because he was nearly chosen to be a co-anchor with Kelly Ripa on Live! With Regis and Kelly. The guy is crazy funny. In these videos I’m going to show you today, Pat wonders what it would be like if the news person were to strike back at the morons who try to ruin live news pieces. This is hysterically funny. Pat Tomasulo trolls the trolls.


Pat Tomasulo Trolls the Trolls


Those videos are from 2010 during his segment, Pat Down. There were lots of things he did on his segment that were very funny. Pat has been with WGN since 2005 and he’s still there making the funny. Being a news person in Chicago is not the small time but I have a feeling that there are bigger and better things on the horizon for Pat. He is just too funny and original to keep all to ourselves here in Chicago.