WGN Noticias de mi Corazon

noticias de mi corazon

My favorite news cast in Chicago has been from WGN for a long time. They are a funny group and they do Chicago and national news as well as anyone else around. It’s a good group over there at WGN.

They recently came up with this new thing that I just saw recently that I thought was very funny. It comes to us from their news team of Lourdes Duarte and Dan Ponce. These two are the only English-language Hispanic news team in the city and they thought they would expose their viewers to some culture that maybe they had never seen before in the form of the telenovela.

For our readers who are not familiar with the telenovela, they are awesome. They are typically Spanish-language soaps that are way over the top in the drama and intrigue. They are fantastic. I practiced my Spanish for years by watching some of the great telenovelas and I’ve always been a fan. The Soup has recently discovered the hilarity that is the telenovela and has added a segment that covers them on their weekly show.  The telenovela is just great.

Now WGN has created their own and I thought it was very funny.  Here is WGN’s telenovela, Noticias de mi Corazon (News from my Heart).

Noticias de mi Corazon

As absurd as this seems to be, they are pretty much right on with what an actual telenovela is. Their production values might be a bit better in this one and their acting might even be more realistic but they are close.

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noticias de mi corazon