Wendy’s Continues Murdering Music

Wendy's Be With You commercial

I asked last week if Wendy’s hated us. The answer I got from our fans is yes, yes they do hate us. Guess what? Wendy’s don’t care. They are doubling down on the hate. I think even they know their commercials suck but they don’t care. They want it to hurt. Here is the latest travesty from Wendy’s.

Wendy’s To Be With You

Holy hell. That was awful. I want to know who over at Mr. Big gave them permission to use their song for this commercial. How much were you paid? I get that times have probably been tough since you had your hit back in 1992, but man, has it been that bad?

Who in the Wendy’s board room is approving this stuff? What is the commercial? Are they doing Mr. Big? Are they doing a Poison song? Are they doing an Extreme video? Is it a Debby Gibson song? They have no idea what they are doing. This commercial makes me think that the director of this commercial is a kid born after the 90s who has been told by their boss that they have to make this commercial. They obviously don’t know anything about that time so they just threw in a bunch of things that they think will make sense. Oh and the pretzel bun.

The pretzel bun has been one of Wendy’s most popular items in the last several years so they definitely want to keep pumping out commercials. I want to know why they have to make commercials like this. The only logical answer that I can come up with is that they hate us. They really do.

Wendy's To Be With You commercial