Well, Sons of Anarchy Blew My Freaking Mind

clay 3I was going to write something up on this last night, but how could I when I was barely able to move, let alone form a cogent obscenity to hurl at the television just quietly enough to not disturb my sleeping children??  While my predictions for the season so far have been disturbingly accurate, I never thought in a million years that they would pull something like they did last night especially with a whole other full season left.

I refuse to spoil it for those of you who haven’t caught up yet, head inside for full spoilers…

The fallout from Tara walking in on Jax banging the hooker (last week) was good enough to be an “oh, snap!” moment in and of itself.  The stunt to break Clay out of his prison transport was great and even though Bobby got shot, I figured he would find a way to pull through.  I have been rooting for the club to kill Galen for two seasons now, and it was awesome to see how that (very unexpectedly) went down.

Then about five minutes later, They.  Killed.  Clay.  Clay!  How could they kill Clay??  And not just kill him, shoot him point blank in the neck and empty an entire clip into his chest.  I have a standing yet-to-be-disproven mathematical theorem that states (Anything) + (Ron Perlman) increases in awesome by a factor of at least three.  Name me one thing in the history of the world made worse by Ron Perlman… you can’t!

So to throw a monkey wrench in my theories, (Something) – (Ron Perlman) = ???  The end of life as we know it?  I never thought I would need to find out.

What the heck does this mean for SoA and how the rest of the series is going to play out?  I always envisioned the end game as Jax vs. Clay and pretty much everybody else dead.  They still have a whole season and a quarter left, so this leaves a giant hole to be filled by somebody else.  August Marks?  Connor?  That pudgy Chinese guy?

Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure… I will truly miss Ron Perlman on the show as it moves forward.  Sons of Anarchy fans… what are your thoughts?