Weekly Catchup – 3/16

urlAfter one of the busiest weeks of the recent past, I can finally take some time to breathe and write to catch up a little bit on the week.  While I didn’t have a whole bunch of time to devote to television, I was able to watch both JUSTIFIED and THE FOLLOWING which luckily were two of the best episodes of their respective seasons.

In a season finale-quality of JUSTIFIED episode, there was an all-out manhunt for the newly discovered Shelby/Drew Thompson that ended in Boyd and Ava being royally screwed out of their future dreams and Drew in custody of Raylan and the US Marshals.  Except that this was clearly not the season finale, and it looks like all sides will pull out all the stops to continue hunting Drew.  Very excited for the last three episodes in the season.  And while there has been no news quite yet on a renewal for a fifth season, I can only hope they can make that decision soon based on the overall strong ratings so far this year.

THE FOLLOWING was also very above-par now that Joe Carroll is out of prison and joined back up with his group of psychopaths.  Now that JAMES PUREFOY is able to make the character stretch and breathe a little bit, it makes it very interesting to see the contrast between Joe Carroll the serial killer and Joe Carroll the somewhat-sympathetic father struggling to show love to his son.  The ‘sacrifice scene’ with one of the killers sacrificing himself to Joe after he failed at his assignment was pretty powerful and showed what the show can accomplish when it wants to.  This would be the correct trajectory especially when the renewal for a second season was announced earlier this month.

On a completely-unrelated sidenote, I finally saw WRECK-IT RALPH and it was fantastic.  Any fans of Disney animation or old-school videogames/arcades will most likely love it too.  While it flew straight over the head of my 2-year-old son, my daughter and my wife liked it alot even though they are not the biggest fans of videogaming.  To tie this in to television, I paused the movie to meet the pizza delivery guy at the door and I come back to see none other than CHRIS HARDWICK #douchingup my TV.  At least he was fairly entertaining and informative on his “Gamer’s Guide to Wreck-It Ralph” series of shorts with all the inside jokes within the movie.  Nothing like the complete waste of time that is TALKING DEAD.

Side note #2:  TMNT, the animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie from a few years ago was surprisingly good too.

Back tomorrow for THE WALKING DEAD.  Important to note that the series premiere of BATES MOTEL premieres Monday on A&E.  Will be catching that one for sure.

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  1. The Obsessive Viewer // March 16, 2013 at 10:00 pm //

    I’m really looking forward to Bates Motel. I think Freddie Highmore is a great choice for Norman Bates.

    • maryellenbender // March 17, 2013 at 10:33 am //

      Also, can’t wait to hear about Bates Motel. As a child, I almost ruined for a life without showering after seeing Hitchcock’s “Psycho”. Just because of the need to bathe quickly, I had to resort to showers to get to work on time, but I never turned my back on the shower curtain — always looking for Norman’s shadow lurking behind it. After rationalizing that the chance of a Norman Bates whack job would pick only my bathroom to invade out of the millions out there, I have set my fears aside ——– sort of.

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