We Need Your Help

Out philosophy at MWTVG has been simple, keep posting till we get to a point where we can totally and completely sellout.  Seriously, we have very little integrity over here.

Unfortunately, we can’t do it without your help.  We cover a lot of shows here, but there are many more on TV we either don’t have the time to watch or we don’t like.

You must have grandparent’s that watch either BLUE BLOODS or VEGAS.  Wake them up and ask them about it and send us a review.

If you are a 15 year old girl and watch anything on the CW send us a line.  I hear ARROW did OK.  The show EMILY OWENS MD looks awful, please send us a note to confirm.

Reality TV fans, we generally only talk about SURVIVOR.  Even though this genre is basically responsible for end of society as we know it (HONEY BOO BOO enough said), it still is popular.

You will get credit for your posts, as we won’t want to attach our name to most of the shows referenced above.  You think you’ve got what it takes to make it on our blog (it’s not that hard, we pretty much will post anything)?  Then send us some content.