We Are Men Canceled

We Are Learning to SwimWe Are Men has been canceled by CBS.  First, I’m shocked because CBS doesn’t really ever cancel anything.  We Are Men didn’t have very good ratings though and when it comes to sitcoms, there is no network that shows any patience.

CBS made a mistake here in my opinion.  I liked We Are Men and think that they had something good on their hands only they didn’t know it yet.  CBS did a terrible job promoting the show so most people thought this was just a show about dudes acting like dumb-ass dudes and no one, including me, wants to watch that.

If that’s what you thought We Are Men was all about you were wrong.  We Are Men had the potential to be a very good buddy comedy looking at life as a single men from the perspective of 4 men who are each in very different places in their lives.

We Are Men was plagued by low ratings right from the start but really, what was CBS expecting?  They were airing a show aimed at men during Monday Night Football.  Their thinking that having The Big Bang Theory as a lead in was very obviously flawed as the people who are watching Big Bang probably would not be interested in a show about 4 guys.  If you want men to watch a show, don’t put it on during Monday Night Football.

Alright so We Are Men gets canceled and becomes the 2nd fatality of the fall.  That means that Dads has lasted longer than two other shows on TV so far and if there is anything that is a crime this fall (other than 2 Broke Girls which is being invested by The Hague for war crimes), it is that Dads is still on the air while We Are Men is not.

CBS will not be airing the remained episodes of We Are Men and will instead move 2 Broke Girls up in to it’s 7:30 time slot and will run Big Bang repeats at 8:00 until November 4 when Mike and Molly will return.

We will talk more soon about more sitcoms that are not going to make it.  We had a production meeting the other day discussing the state of the sitcom and we are all wondering why networks even go through the trouble any more since they cancel sitcoms so quickly.  We don’t have an answer for that question.