Want to be on a Game Show?

the chaseWant to be on a game show?  Well fellow midwesterners, now could be your chance.  The Game Show Network is bringing the British triva-based game show, The Chase to America.  They are holding open casting calls right now for the show.  Currently there is one midwestern city on the casting call list, Minneapolis, but new cities are being added all the time as needed.

I tried reading about how this game show works but it is really confusing.  The short of it is that there are teams playing to win as much money as they can by answering trivia questions while other trivia experts try to keep them from winning money.  There is some kind of a chase involved as well but I don’t know if that is just coincidental to the title of the show.

Here’s a clip from the show and the funniest thing about it?  Well first, it’s so British I can barely understand them and second, apparently someone made a bit of a verbal faux pas but again, it’s in British so I don’t understand it at all:


So MWTVG readers, get on the ball and go try out for what appears to be a game show.