The Walking Dead Scores ‘Freaky Good’ Ratings

the-walking-dead-zombie-yikesPerhaps you could say it… killed the competition.  Or maybe it walked away the winner?  Or how about this: a lot of people watched it.  There’s the cleverest headline of them all.  With an amazing 8.7 million adults tuning in this past Sunday, it won even up against the NFL.

So let’s throw out a hypothetical here.  Where would this show be right now if it was actually good?  Not saying that THE WALKING DEAD is bad, it’s just unreliable.  This season is a marginal improvement on the last season, but that’s akin to taking a sip out of the punchbowl with the least amount of turds.  I’ve made it a bit of a game to write a better storyline as I watch each episode, a task that is not all that difficult to accomplish.  Rick abandoning Carol for the hell of it is just weak storytelling.  Sort of like Michonne’s unexplained dislike for The Governor.  And swine flu.  Yes, swine flu.  Piss-poor writing.  Attention Hollywood:  MIDWEST MARK is for hire (as long as MIKE and MO can tag along to the party.  It’s a package deal up in here).

Let’s compare THE WALKING DEAD to a far, far superior show at this point… AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN.  This season of AHS is outstanding so far in every single way.  The acting talent is some of the best I’ve seen in a long, long time.  And as far as the horror element goes, it far surpasses THE WALKING DEAD or really any other show out there in pushing the envelope.  The writing is top-notch and it is cinematically gorgeous.  All of which THE WALKING DEAD really isn’t anymore.

So do yourselves a favor and upgrade shows from TWD to AHS, you will not be disappointed.  There’s even zombies this time around, so you’re not being unfaithful to the genre.  But whatever you do, please keep watching the scary shows so they keep being made.