The Walking Dead and Dawson’s Creek?

Together they form… The Governor’s Creek.  This video clip hilariously and ironically summarizes all the terrible feelings I have toward this season of THE WALKING DEAD.  Two weeks ago was perhaps the worst episode of the series thus far with The Governor wandering around like a mute Jim Morrison/Jesus/Santa Claus.

To be clear, I like DAVID MORRISSEY quite a bit and think he could play an excellent Governor-role if the writers would only allow for the role as it was originally written.  But alas, we are stuck with a shallow one-dimensional and completely-undeveloped cast of characters.  I don’t think that anybody cares anymore when characters get eaten or killed because there is not one iota of investment in their well being.

Hopefully (hopefully, hopefully, hopefully) they are posturing to get back on track with the flow of the comics now that The Governor is back with a group of survivors that has his iconic tank.  With next week being the midseason finale, we need to see a big battle, a tank run down the prison walls, a million walkers swarm the grounds and a whole bunch of folks not survive.  If/when that happens, I will regain faith in this show.  Until then, I will merely use it as unenthusiastic background noise for an otherwise uneventful Sunday night.

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  1. That was one of the best episodes because it humanized the governor. And that it could evoke sympathy from those 3 ladies is scarier than a hundred zombies, because he is pure evil and they dont know this. So his character is being developed but your unhappy with this? I thought thats what you wanted? Dont worry next week they’ll go back to mindlessly killing and exploding everything then you’ll be happy.

    • Midwest Mark // November 26, 2013 at 7:09 am //

      I understand your angle on that episode, but you need to understand that the ‘pure evil’ nature of the man is never actually brought out in the show. Whenever he does crazy stuff, there’s always a level of plausable deniability that he did it for his people or he did it for his new family, never that he’s just a pure psychopath (which is the point of the character). Michonne doesn’t really have a reason to be angry at him other than the fact that he was a quasi-douche to her in the show and the worst thing he did was mow down his fellow Woodburians at the end of Season 3 which is a far cry from what he does in the comic books.

      I understand that not everybody is going to read the comic books and that some of the material there simply would not translate to the screen. But there does exist a happy medium between the two that the show has failed to grasp at every turn.

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