Wahlburgers 5 O Clock is Dinner Time


wahlburgers 5 o clock is dinner timeI wrote a while back that I was looking forward to a new show from the Whalburg family called Wahlburgers. If you didn’t know, Wahlburgers is a reality show on A&E that follows the Wahlburg family as they run their family restaurant, Wahlburgers. ¬†After watching several episodes I’m ready to say that I want to send my burger back to the chef.


I went in to this show with high hopes. I like the Wahlburg brothers that we know, Mark and Donny, and was interested to see what their brother with the actual talent, Paul was able to do with the restaurant he created. I should have known though that since this is a reality show, there would be little to nothing real about it.

I’ve watched several episodes now and my biggest complaint about the show is that it is way too scripted and produced. Situations that happen on the show are very obviously created for fake drama and the situations that they try to conjure isn’t even worth watching even if you know it’s all fake.

The most recent episode that aired this week is the one that just broke me. I can’t stand it any more. The worst part of this most recent episode? Jenny McCarthy was on it. Apparently she is dating Donny so of course being the (attention) whore that she is, she had to make an appearance on the show. What is the drama that they created? Jenny wants mother Wahlburg’s spaghetti sauce recipe. Gasp!

Jenny McCarthy sucking on the episode of Wahlburgers 5 O Clock is Dinner Time


I said in my first article about this show that I suspected that Donny and Mark would not be on the show very often. I was wrong about Donny but right about Mark. Mark isn’t even in Boston so they have to add his scenes in awkwardly forcing his participation for some reason. Like in this episode that broke me. The spaghetti sauce deal is turned in to some kind of a contest between actual trained chef Paul and mother Wahlburg. To keep Mark in the show, they actually mail the two sauces to him to let him judge them. That’s how much they are forcing him on this show.

Adding additional unnecessary drama are the friends from back in the old days who no doubt glom on to the Wahlburg family for any scraps they can pick up off the floor. A friend named Nacho is added to this show and it seems as though his role is to play the part of moron. He plays the role masterfully. In this episode, he begs Paul to have a burger named after him. This “fight” between Nacho and Paul is so fake it’s painful to watch.

Nacho making me want to kill myself on the Wahlburgers 5 O Clock is Dinner Time


I know that reality TV is for the most part scripted but at least the other reality shows do a better job of hiding it. This is a painful show to watch even though I like the Wahlburg’s themselves. I worked in the restaurant business for many years. I could have told you that focusing on the management of a restaurant would not be an exciting show. If you want to do an exciting show about restaurants, you need to focus on the servers. They are never boring. If you think Party Down South is wild, you have never been around a group of restaurant employees. The problem is that you could never do the show because no reputable restaurant business would want you following their servers with a camera. If people knew how their servers behaved, everyone would stay home.

I’ll be passing on Wahlburgers now but if I’m ever in Boston, I would love to eat there because the food does look great. If you are interested, Wahlburgers airs on A&E Wednesdays at 9:30.