Vince Vaughn to Host SNL April 13

vince vaughn snlFresh off their biggest ratings in over a year with the magical Justin Timberlake hosting, Saturday Night Live has announced the return of another big star.  Vince Vaughn will be hosting SNL on April 13 along with a musical guest I’ve never heard of who will be a first time guest, Miguel.  Apparently Miguel just won a Grammy for his song Adorn which I also have never heard of.  Anyway, Vaughn will be hosting for the 2nd time when he appears in April.  His first time hosting was back in 1998 when he was promoting Psycho.  Now he’s returning to promote his upcoming movie with Owen Wilson, The Internship, which opens June 9.

Here’s one of my favorite skits of his from his first appearance:


Vince Vaughn will be appearing on Saturday Night Live on NBC April 13 at 10:30.