Viewer Mail

It’s been awhile since we’ve taken the time to sit down and respond to the viewer mail we get in over here at MWTVG.  With not a lot going on, it’s the perfect time to get back to those of you who have nothing better to do then send us e-mails.


Steven Headsnuggy from Dibbeltown, ID writes in:
Hey guys, big fan of your site but want to discuss your hatred of 2 Broke Girls.  My friends and I were talking about how much we love this show at our last gun owners against intolerance and gays meeting.  They couldn’t believe some of the things you said.  We would like to come meet you in person so that we can “discuss” this with you further.

That sounds great.  Always happy to meet and greet disgruntled 2 Broke Girl gun owner fans.  Especially considering the low IQ level of 2 Broke Girl fans.  Since the NRA is so strong we can’t even pass a law restricting fans of this show from owning firearms.  Anyway, I’m sure Midwest Mark’s mother will be happy to again publish more of his personal information if you just ask.

Randy Knockerlover from Katy Lick, WI asks:
Your website is OK, but I really only read it when I’m tired of porn.  Any chance you guys will start posting porn?

Randy, thanks for the question it must have been hard to type it with one hand.  We really only review TV shows over here and 2 of the 3 writers don’t even get the movie channels so we are stuck with network TV.  The FCC has recently talked about removing the nudity restrictions, but until then we will remain a booby free zone.  It’s sad because we know the marketplace is screaming for 1 more internet porn site.


Brian Blunkwipe from Climax, MI asks:
My friends and I love your Around The Web segment.  How do you find a new actress everyday?  Also, is it only actresses?  My mom is pretty hot maybe you could put her on there.

Brian, it’s not really that hard to find a hot actress, there are tons of them.  Just ask any “producer” at the bus station waiting for them to get off the bus everyday.  For now, we plan to keep it to TV actresses.  If we ever expand to creepy guys mom’s who obviously have killed before and now have a taste for it, you will be the first know.  You should probably still send those pics over.  We are professionals over here and will treat them with the respect they deserve.  Plus, I’m sure the police will be able to use them at your trial.


So that’s it for now, but keep the mail coming.