Viewer Mail…

Regular segment here at MWTVG where we put down whatever we are working on to give back to you, the readers.

Q: It seems that MIDWEST MIKE refers to himself as a “professional writer” at least 3 times per blog post.  What’s up with that.

A:  Thanks for noticing.  It’s probably time we let you in on a little secret – MIDWEST MIKE is really a 14 year old teenage boy that somehow hacked our website and continually posts articles without our permission.  We are basically powerless to stop him.

Q: In a lot of your posts the writer is often critical of the other writers on the site.  Do you guys get along?

A: No, we do not.

Q:  You still don’t cover the shows I like to watch.  What about THE GOOD WIFE, EMILY OWENS MD, or GRAY’S ANATOMY?  I hate you.

A:  Look, we took a vote and it was close but fair – MIDWEST MARK needs a sex change operation.  We figured that would be easier than finding 1 female competent enough to put a few sentences together about any one of the shows mentioned.  Prove us wrong, for MARK’S sake.