Viewer Mail

It’s been awhile since we’ve taken the time to respond to the tens if not twenties of e-mails we’ve gotten from our fans.  You spent nearly 12 seconds writing in to us, the least we could do is take time away from our jobs, family, and this blog to address your comments.  With that, here is our viewer mail.

Q:  You used to cover manly shows like Sons of Anarchy, Walking Dead, and Breaking Bad.  Now it’s seems you only cover Buckwild and The Bachelor.  Are you thinking of changing the name of your site to

A:  What an excellent question and not at all offensive.  First, we’ve written many hard hitting stories covering show after show after show and what did we get from it?  Nothing.  You people only come to our site to read about the most god awful shows on TV so that’s what we give you.  We aren’t proud over here and certainly don’t have any integrity.  If the producers of 2 Broke Girls send us a dump truck filled with money we will be the biggest supporters ever of the show.  That Kat Dennings is funny and hot (still felt a little pinch in my soul as I wrote that, hopefully it goes away).

Second, and probably more dramatic, is that one of our writers is currently battling a tough disease that according to many commercials now affects many men – Low Testosterone.  He’s on a replacement therapy, but now has the side effect of large and painful breasts.  It’s very confusing to the other male staffers over here.  But we support he/she and hope for a speedy recovery.


Q: Why does your Around The Web segment always feature a hot actress of the day?

A:  Look, the point of the segment is to entertain and educate you as to the many interesting happenings around the web.  We scour the web daily and filter out a lot of the crap for you.  After all that, what do you perverts click on?  Of course it’s the hot chick of the day.


Q:  I hear you guys are getting into the producer business.  Is that true?

A:  Yes it is.  We are currently casting a show about 4 women models who open their own private investigation firm.  What we are looking for is young women ages 18-24 that have significant daddy issues to contact us.  If you still talk to your parent’s please move on, you are not the right fit.  Oh, and until 2 Broke Girls gives us a dump truck full of money, we will need that too.


So keep em coming guys.  We will eventually get to your question and answer it with the dignity and respect you would expect from a 7th grade junior high boy.