Viewer Mail…

And now a little from our loyal followers…

Q:  How come you guys are so awesome and funny?
A:  Wow, out of the gate with a tough one.  Thanks for the question mom.  I suspect it has to do with our diet and lack of exercise.

Q:  You guys don’t cover the shows I watch.
A:  That is definitely true, but the terms of our Google agreement strictly prohibit us from discussing or displaying pornographic material.

Q:  Is MIDWEST MIKE really the smartest guy in the Midwest.
A:  Well, he has a lot of ridiculous opinions of which he is not afraid to share and watches an awful lot of FOX News, so you decide.

Q:  I typed on “Sofia Vergara” in Google and came across your site, what the hell?
A:  Wonderful question.  I too don’t have any idea why you would type “Sofia Vergara” into Google.

That’s it for now, keep the questions coming.