Victoria’s Secret – Who Is Watching This?

To our loyal followers, you know I generally don’t post over the weekend.  However, with MIDWEST MIKE going AWOL, I’m stepping up to fill the void in your life.

So, let’s talk about the Victorias Secret fashion show.  While it was down 24% from last year’s record-breaking installment, CBS’ “Victoria’s  Secret Fashion Show” still drew 9.32 million viewers and a robust 3.5 rating  among adults 18-49, more than doubling the recent key demo numbers for “Vegas”  in this slot.

You would have thought being healthly MWTV guys, we would have been all over this.  Seriously though, I don’t exactly get the fasination with this show.  It’s an hour long commercial for women’s underwear.  We complain about how our shows are cancelled before they are given a chance, well these type of shows are the problem.

Still, we are here to make money, so here’s a clip from the show for those of you who still don’t know how to actually use the internet to find this type of content.