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Fox is putting a lot of effort behind their new reality show. I watched the Utopia premiere tonight on Fox. Did any of you watch? I’d be curious to know. Fox is hoping for big things with this show and they will need a big premiere. Anyway, let’s get in to talking about the Utopia premiere.

Utopia is based on a Dutch reality show of the same name. The idea is to take a group of people and put them on a remote compound for a year and see what kind of society they develop. It’s called Utopia because they are supposed to create a utopian society where they get rid of everything they hate about their lives and create a society based on only the things they all like the best.

Sounds great. The problem? Well if you are going to run off with a group of people to start your own society, chances are your group all probably shares a central core belief of some kind. You all hate the government or you all think society is wicked or you all think that aliens are coming soon or that the world is ending. There is something that unites your group and makes you all work towards the same goal. That is not the case on Utopia.

It seems that when Fox cast Utopia, they found the most insane people they could find with as much different opinions and backgrounds as possible. There are not two people on this show who share a single thing in common other than maybe their sex or the color of their skin. Other than that, there is nothing that unites these people in any way.

Add to that that every single one of them seems to be border line psychotic. Oh there is a slight disagreement? Well the logical way to respond to that is to scream and throw things and try to start a fight. Think that’s rare? Of course not. It happened multiple times on the premiere episode with multiple people.

There isn’t a single person it seems who will just sit back and wait and see how things develop. No. One of the crazy women is a disaster prepper. She immediately has to preach about how to recycle human waste. There is an ex-convict on the show who says that he doesn’t want to be labeled as a felon yet he shows his irrational behavior that no doubt is the reason he is a felon in the first place. That guy actually seems dangerous.  There isn’t a single thing that any of these people can agree on. Fox just put them together and said let’s see how crazy this gets.

I don’t see how this show can last for a year. If all it’s going to be is constant fighting and arguing over the absolute stupidest of trivial matters, then there is no way this show makes it.  It’s a much more angry and naked version of Big Brother. You can use the app (that Fox had 400 commercials for during the premiere) to follow the people 24/7. I don’t know what the value would be in that other than maybe they don’t censor the naked bodies but even then, I don’t know if it’s worth it.

Fox is putting a lot of money in to this show but I think they have picked people that are far too crazy to watch. I don’t see anyone for any viewer to connect with or start to root for. If I keep watching, I’m going to start rooting for food poisoning for the win.  I give the Utopia premiere a C-. I’m not too hopeful for improvement. I didn’t see any contestants that I think are worth rooting for and that’s really the only reason to watch a show like this.

Utopia airs on Fox on it’s regular nights of Tuesdays and Fridays at 7:00.

Utopia premiere