USA Renews PSYCH For An 8th Season

As it is a slow gray day here at MWTVG headquarters with 3-5 inches of snow bearing down on us, the news that PSYCH has been renewed for an 8th season is a ray of light on an otherwise cloudy day.

The show features James Roday and Dule Hill as Shawn and Gus.  You may remember James from MISS MATCH with Alicia Silverstone.  Dule of course you remember as Charlie Young on WEST WING.  Playing Shawn’s mother and father are Corbin Berson and Cybil Shepard respectively.

In addition to a strong cast, there is quite an impressive list of guest stars who have made appearances at one time or another.  Most notably is William Shatner who plays the father of one of the detectives.  Others include – Alley Sheedy, Phylicia Rashad, Ernie Hudson, Rachael Leigh Cook, Cary Elwes, Kristy Swanson, and many more.

It’s a great show that doesn’t take itself to seriously and has one of my favorite theme songs.  The 7th season is set to air in 2013 on February 27th.  During this upcoming season, the show will hit its 100th episode, which is quite an accomplishment for any show.  I leave you with some classic Shawn and Gus.