Under the Dome Revisited

Midwest Mike recently wrote a good review of Under the Dome, but let slip during a recent staff meeting that he was unhappy with the direction of the show.

Look, I’m the network TV guy around here.  I generally like the shows the masses like.  I love NCIS, New Girl, Big Bang, and all the other typical network type shows.

Before any other writer goes around besmirching my show I feel the need to first defend it.  I hear that it’s much different from the original. To that I agree.  It’s a complete departure from how this was done on The Simpson’s Movie.

Oh, supposedly there’s some book with a similar title.  I didn’t read the book.  Good lord who has time to read a book anymore?  So any comparisons to the book are lost on me.

The show continues to kill in the ratings with almost 12 million people watching this weeks episode.  So that’s it.  You may read other negative reviews or hear bad things about this show, they are all wrong.  It’s freaking CBS for crying out loud.  They don’t do unpopular.