Under The Dome Season 2

As of last night, we are two episodes into Under The Dome Season 2.  There are going to be some spoilers in this post so please avert your eyes if you are not up to date.  I’ll give you some time.

Why am I talking about season 2 eight days after the premier?  I’ll tell you why.  I have Direct TV at my house and last Monday was a wicked bad storm.  That of course means the satellite didn’t work.  I blame George Bush, he hates white people.

That left me to watch the show On Demand.  Have you ever watched an On Demand network show?  It’s what I imagine watching TV was like in the 70’s in that you cannot fast forward AT ALL.  Seriously, I had to watch 12 minutes of commercials.  I almost didn’t make it.

You’d think being such big-time TV journalists the networks would send us the shows ahead of time.  We think they are too afraid that if we trash their show, they might lose our eight fans.

Anyway, Under The Dome is like Game of Thrones in that it’s a show based on a book.  I don’t have time to read and eat doughnuts.  I choose doughnuts.  So not having read the book, I have no idea why this dome is over the poor folks at Chester’s Mill.

As it’s on CBS, I assume we’ll all find out the mother is dead.  Wait, no that was a different show.

See, I told you I’d give you time before talking about the show.


Two episodes in, the show has killed off two of it’s hottest women.  Pictured left is deputy Linda Esquivel played by Natalie Martinez.  She got smushed by a car cause the dome was apparently mad at the townspeople in episode 1.  Then last night we lost Angie McAlister played by Britt Robertson and pictured right.  She saw something in a locker and then was killed by some mystery person.  I suspect what she saw was other worlds like in Men In Black but I’m probably wrong.

Rachel Lefever987654So we have 11 episodes left this season with the two of the hottest women on the show dead.  That leaves us with only Julia Shumway played by Rachelle Lefevre.  She’s already survived a gunshot so we know she’s tough.

I was fascinated with this show when it started last year.  As it’s a Summer show I have a much lower bar for what I will or won’t watch and this show easily exceeds that bar.  I do hope though we can wrap this up in the next 11 episodes.  If not for me, for those poor Chester’s Mill townsfolk.