Under the Dome Premiere

under the domeOk I finally got to watch the Under the Dome premiere tonight after watching the Chicago Black Hawks bring home the Stanley Cup.  If you didn’t know, Under the Dome is a new CBS series based on the book of the same title by Steven King.  I’ve been anxiously awaiting the Under the Dome premiere as I was a fan (of 95%) of the book.  So how was the premiere?  Well, I wasn’t disappointed.

Let me say first that if you are a fan of the book, you need to mostly forget about it if you are going to watch this show.  Executive Producers Steven King and Brian Vaughn have said that the King novel serves mostly as source material and is not meant to be a script.  They are completely willing to go in a different direction and frankly, if they hope to have any kind of a run beyond a mini-series, they will need to do something different.

The premiere episode introduces us to characters familiar to us from the book but immediately takes us in a different direction.  The characters have the same names as people in the book, but their back stories and events involving them are mostly different right from the start.

I actually love that Vaughn and King are doing this.  If this were just a show that followed directly along with the book, we wouldn’t have to watch it.  Now everyone can watch and even if you have read the book, you need to watch because you don’t know how the drama is going to play out.

For the uninitiated, Under the Dome is about the city of Chester’s Mill that all of a sudden finds itself trapped under an enormous dome.  No one knows where the dome came from and no one knows how to get out.  At first, the town is shocked and not sure how to deal with this crisis but soon problems start to emerge as various factions within the trapped city fight for control of the town.

Like I said before, heading in a different direction from the book isn’t a bad idea.  None of us are tied to a script now and now none of us know exactly what is going to happen.  We can all watch now and can all be surprised at the course of events that will unfold under the dome.

Under the Dome is on CBS and will air in it’s regular time slot on Monday’s at 9:00.