Under The Dome – It’s Renewed For Season 2

If you’re a fan of Under the Dome, there’s good news.  A second season was just announced and will air in Summer of 2014. It’s bad news if you live under the dome.  Grab a Snickers, it’s gonna be a while.

Currently, 6 episodes of a 13 episode run have aired.  Let’s start by acknowledging that I did not read Stephan King’s book, so everything that happens is new to me.  Ah, blissful ignorance, finally I can can walk a mile in Midwest Mark’s shoes.

After 6 episodes, the pace of the show has slowed significantly.  During last nights episode, the issue was whether or not the town would run out of water.  During the entire hour long episode we discovered that it can rain in the dome and 2 teenagers are somehow connected.  I know Lost moved at a similar pace, but that had Evangeline Lilly so…

Anyway, as of now, the show has 20 episodes remaining.  With the pace at which the towns folk die each week, it doesn’t look like too many will make it to see life outside the dome again.

Note to CBS:  If you cancel this without a resolution, I will find you.  I’m just getting over the Alcatraz debacle.  Why did the prisoners disappear and then start showing up again?  It makes me mad that we will never know.