TYTUniversity – I Can’t Stop Watching It

Hello, my name is Midwest Mo and I’m addicted to TYTUniversity.  It’s been 5 days since my last post and I have fallen off the wagon.

To date, the kids over there have covered Side Boob and had a lively discussion on whether foreplay is still necessary.  Those were good, but the segment I just watched addressed a topic that I really had no clue was a thing.

So what is the topic of the day – is toe cleavage sexy or trashy.  Come on, is this a real thing?  Trusty Wikipedia says toe cleavage is the partial exposure of a woman’s toes in shoes that are cut low enough at the vamp.  As if that helps.

As someone who tends to be more conservative, I guess I would say to all the ladies out there, keep it in your shoes.