TYT University – Yoga Pants

Yoga PantsWith the amount of content the kids at TYT University post, there is no way they are ever going to graduate.  Which I guess is good for us.

As many of you know, I am fascinated with this show.  However, before I ever post an article about it, I think to myself, “Can I get Midwest Julie to watch this.”  After all, I did get her to watch one about side boob.  Even she will admit she is better off for having watched it (I assume she would anyway).

So what are the kids up to this week?  Well it’s another trendy or trashy.  Are yoga pants trendy or trashy.  It’s definitely 7 minutes of hard hitting investigative journalism that I don’t think you should miss.  I put the video up after the jump, I don’t think we wanted that image on our main page.

2 Comments on TYT University – Yoga Pants

  1. It’s so much easier for kids now then when I was 20. Now there are so many obvious signals to tell which girls are in the market for some hanky panky. It seemed like every girl I met wasn’t interested back then. Now I know I was just approaching the wrong girls (which I think was almost all of them).

  2. Julie Cooper // February 22, 2013 at 12:13 pm //

    Well, Midwest Mo, when you call out my name like that, how can I possibly not watch?

    See, I think I’m just getting too old because, while I really like yoga pants, many of the ones in this video are trashy. Let’s face it, the girls who wear those tight-fitting yoga pants (can you really call them “pants”?) all around town are on the hunt for sex. The end.

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