Two-A-Days Fall Preview with Midwest Mark

underarmourwomens1Green2adays2To ‘piggyback’ off of the trend that MIDWEST MO launched this morning, I will start off in the most sensible place that any MIDWEST MARK can possibly start:  FX.

What’s that you say?  This technically makes 4-a-days now?  Au contraire, you paltry naysayer… I’m my own man.  And MIDWEST MO doesn’t count anyway.  It’s so cute how he tries to write real articles every now and again.  Maybe I’ll try my hand at doing an AROUND THE WEB segment one of these days, except the attractive bikini-clad individual at the end will be ME.

I figure we can afford to lose half of our following if there’s only five in the first place including us three writers, and I have a feeling that “I’mThatGuy” and MIDWEST MILLER will be cool with it.

But I digress,

Why FX?  Because they have two of the can’t-possibly-miss television shows of the past several years, namely SONS OF ANARCHY and AMERICAN HORROR STORY.

Head inside for more!

Sons of Anarchy

imgresSeason 6 premieres on September 10th which is approximately two weeks too long from right now.  Scant plot details exist aside from some hints and casting clues.  Most notably, each episode this season clocks in at a massive 90 minutes followed by a TALKING DEAD-style aftershow called “ANARCHY AFTERWARD” hosted by Chelsea Handler writer CHRIS FRANJOLA.

Not sure how keen I am about the whole aftershow bit, as I disliked it quite a bit from THE WALKING DEAD, but it will be cool for diehard fans nonetheless.  I am more excited about the additions of CCH POUNDER, KIM DICKENS and C. THOMAS HOWELL joining the now-regular DONAL LOGUE and (outstanding) JIMMY SMITS.

This season has been guaranteed to be shockingly violent even right out of the gate with the first episode dealing with some sort of graphic elementary school shooting storyline.  Hit me with your best shot, KURT SUTTER.

The Bottom Line:  This show is not to be missed.


American Horror Story:  Coven

CovenAnother seasonal favorite of mine, for as many shortcomings as last season dished out, it delivered an equal amount of strength in performances.  I have a feeling that the show creators have refocused a bit with this season, as every bit of news (especially on the casting front) has been amazing so far.

AHS has always been historically cryptic in previewing the actual show, instead teasing bits of creepy nonsense.  Just today, they released the official season 3 premiere date and plotline.  It will start one month after SoA on October 9th and is summed up as follows:

“Over 300 years have passed since the turbulent days of the Salem witch trials and those who managed to escape are now facing extinction. Mysterious attacks have been escalating against their kind and young girls are being sent away to a special school in New Orleans to learn how to protect themselves. Wrapped up in the turmoil is new arrival, Zoe (Taissa Farmiga), who is harboring a terrifying secret of her own. Alarmed by the recent aggression, Fiona (Jessica Lange), the long-absent Supreme, sweeps back into town, determined to protect the Coven and hell-bent on decimating anyone who gets in her way.”

The Bottom Line:  Count me in for sure.

SoA and AHS fans: what are you looking forward to the most??

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  1. I'mThatGuy // August 27, 2013 at 10:53 pm //

    An official shout out from one of the esteemed writers of Midwest TV Guys? I’m not sure what to do with this. There are so many people to thank and I didn’t even prepare a speech.

    First I want to that my lord and savior Jesus Christ because with him all things are possible. Shout out to JC. Much love.

    Then I have to thank my parents for working all through my child hood. Having the TV as my baby sitter prepared me for this moment more than any of the schooling I’ve ever had.

    Finally, I have to thank the guys who run the servers at YouPorn. The day their servers were down and I was unable to get on to YouPorn was the day I found this site. Had it not been for that bit of serendipity, I would never have found this blog and I would never have been mentioned by Midwest Mark.

    I know I’m leaving people out but I hear the band starting to play. I will see you all at the after party.

  2. Midwest Miller // August 27, 2013 at 9:49 pm //

    I would absolutely love to see a Midwest Mark ATW segment….and I’m sure I could find a pick of you in a bikini somewhere from our college days! 😛

    Cannot wait for the return of SAMCRO! So many things left hanging and always a good storyline.

    After season 1 of AHS being so good, Season 2 was too bad, too fast and lost me. Maybe I’ll give the show a try again when the next season starts.

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