Two A Days – Continued

We started our coverage of the upcoming Fall schedule with the Fox Network.  One of our writers had a mental break that day and posted something completely unrelated.  Hopefully his suspension is up soon and you will again see him posting.  Get well soon Midwest Mark.

Here’s the complete Fox lineup.  All blue items are links to our previous reviews.

MondayBones, Sleepy Hollow
Tuesday – Dads, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, New Girl, The Mindy Project
Wednesday – The X Factor
Thursday – The X Factor Results Show, Glee
Friday – Master Chef Junior
Sunday – The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, American Dad
Other – Almost Human, Raisin Hope, Enlisted

Today we’ll be taking a look at the first half of the Tuesday night line-up.  It’s exciting because I’m am a fan of all things sitcom. Last year was a good/bad year for sitcoms.  We lost many good ones like, Happy Endings, 1600 Penn, Ben & Kate, & The New Normal.  I say good/bad because at least we had them for a while.

Let’s take a look at Dads & Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Dads – Premiers Tuesday September 17th at 7PM CST.

While I love sitcoms, this one looks awful.  How many different ways do we really need to be exposed to Seth Macfarlane?  I’m guessing this one will be an early favorite for first show cancelled.

Here’s a link to the official trailer from Fox.  I suppose if they have the Asian girl dress-up like a slutty school girl every episode, people might watch.  I can’t figure out why the show is taking so much criticism so far in advance of airing.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Premiers Tuesday September 17th at 7:30PM CST.

Now this is what we’re talking about.  Andy Samberg of SNL fame and Andre Braugher from the awesome show Last Resort team up for a new cop comedy.

Here’s a link to the official trailer from Fox.  If you watch both trailers you might notice a subtle difference between Dads and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.  Did you see it?  Yep, Brooklyn Nine-Nine looks funny whereas Dads looks DOA.

So that’s a preview of the first half of the Fox Tuesday night line-up.  The back half is coming up but spoiler alert – both shows are great.  For me it looks like Fox Tuesday night will be awesome, starting at 7:30PM.