Two and a Half Men Actor Apologizes

Photo courtesy of CBS.

Photo courtesy of CBS.

TWO AND A HALF MEN actor Angus T. Jones has apologized for his strange rants against the show that he has starred on for ten years.

His rants were posted online from religious media outlets that he had given interviews to.

I have been pretty vocal about my dis-like of this show and how I consider it to be a marker for the coming Mayan apocalypse, but I was still mad when I heard this kid bashing the show that made him a millionaire.

I was stuck at that other job today, you know, the one that pays my bills, so I couldn’t really read the stories about why he went off on a rant against the hand that has fed him very well (he makes $350,000 and episode) and when I read the full story tonight, I actually felt sorry for him.

This kid is being manipulated by those around him.  The names of these “churches” that he has given interviews to sound more like groups of people that are looking for land in Guyana (that’s a Jonestown reference folks).  He’s a young kid that has worked in Hollywood since he was little.  I guess we can’t expect him to think clearly.  Even the adults in Hollywood fall in to some weird(er) religions (I’m looking at you Madonna.  Kaballa?  Really?  Did you just jump on the first religion you could find that didn’t have Tom Cruise or John Travolta?).  The leaders of these groups are just using this kid to increase what goes in the collection plate.  I’d love to know who is managing this kid.  How did you let him give those interviews in the first place?