Twitter & Nielsen are Changing the Ratings Game

I’ve talked here before about how TV executives and advertisers are trying to figure out how the TV watching market is changing due to DVR and online TV viewing.  Gone are the days when advertisers could look at Nielsen ratings alone to get a good reading on how many of their target market are watching any given TV show.

Twitter and Nielsen announced today a partnership to start figuring out how to put a ratings number on social chatter about TV shows.  The new rating, called the “Nielsen Twitter TV Rating”, will track the amount of social network postings that viewers post while they are watching TV.

The hope is that this rating will show advertisers which shows have a more engaged audience and which shows have an audience that is passively watching the show.  The more people post and talk about the show online, the more engaged they are with the show.

The new rating won’t start until next fall and it will be interesting to see how this rating works and whether or not it will have any effect on TV executives or advertisers.  I am very interested in this rating and it shows the beginning of a shift away from the old ways and an embracing of the new world.