TV’s Most Annoying Characters

I’ve done several lists of the various types of hot women on TV and those have been very popular.  Who doesn’t like hot women right?  I also did a list of TV’s best dads and only me and the other two writers here at the site read that post.  So I’m taking a risk today by giving you a list that is non-hot woman related but hey, that’s why I’m a professional.  I take the big risks.

Today I want to talk about TV’s most annoying characters.  Love them or hate them or love to hate them, they have been around since the beginning of TV.  It’s almost as if no TV show is complete without someone for you to focus your hatred on.  Here, for your enjoyment, are 20 TV characters that I just can’t stand.  See if you agree:

Scrappy Doo – Scooby-Doo


Every show tries something like this.  Ratings start to drop so you add a new character to spice things up and bring back the ratings.  Scooby-Doo was no different.  The show was on the brink of cancellation in 1979 when Scrappy was introduced.  At first, he is credited with saving the show.  That didn’t last long though and now he is widely regarded as one of the main reasons for the shows decline.  I know for me, I was done with the show once this character showed up.  Amazingly annoying.



Eddie Haskell – Leave it to Beaver

eddie haskell

One of TV’s first annoying characters.  Eddie was the kid that sucked up to his friends parents.  He was fake and pretending and it was really annoying.






Joey Gladstone – Full House

uncle joey

At some point the writers of Full House thought it would be a good idea to give Dave Coulier free reign over his character and turn Uncle Joey in to a version of Dave’s stand-up character.  That was a mistake.  What resulted was a very fast downward spiral into the vast pit of annoyingness (yes it’s a word because I need it to be).  I still can’t see this guy do his schtick and not want to jam a fork in my ears.


Ralph Malph – Happy Days


How could he not be annoying to those of us watching the show when he annoyed the hell out of his own group of friends?  This guy just wouldn’t shut up and I would bet that when they got older and started going out, he would be the guy that got a bar fight started but would run out the door leaving his friends to do his fighting.



Debra Barone – Everybody Loves Raymond


Debra is never happy about anything.  She very clearly hates her husband too and thinks he is an idiot.  She treats him terribly and tells him that every decision he makes or action he takes is the wrong one.  He can do nothing right.  If this character is based on Ray Romano’s real life wife, then I feel very sorry for him.


5 Comments on TV’s Most Annoying Characters

  1. Another annoying “standout” from the Brady Bunch was Oliver. Holy crap was that kid annoying. While I’m on board with your selection of Jan Brady, Oliver is right in line with the “reach for ratings” character scenario you mentioned with Scrappy Doo.

    • Midwest Mike // December 22, 2012 at 4:22 pm //

      Yes Oliver was one of those examples of a show that added a new character to try to get easy ratings. That kid was crazy annoying.

  2. Midwest Mike // December 16, 2012 at 11:10 pm //

    No one on Small Wonder was going to win any acting awards but the robot kid was far and away the most annoying. I don’t know who green lit that show. The pitch had to go in front of a network executive and that guy had to say “yes, this is a great idea, go with it. How can having an 8 year old kid act like a robot go wrong?”

    And Tom Bergeron falls in to the same trap that Saget did when he hosted Funniest Home Videos. They both forgot that the show is about the videos. I could care less what the host has to say in between the videos and in fact, I’d really rather they don’t speak at all.

  3. Tom Bergeron makes me miss Bob Saget

  4. Midwest Melissa // December 16, 2012 at 7:06 pm //

    Way to reference Small Wonder. Solid. Although, I’d have to argue that the brother was even more annoying than robot Lisa. And don’t get me started on the dad. Let’s face it, that show, like Full House, was built on a foundation of annoying.

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