Classic TV Themes – Step By Step

After the simultaneous ocular and auditory molestations I suffered last night from watching the premiere of MTV’s BUCKWILD, I’m letting my television rest tonight while I try to regain a bit of my dignity.  This allows me to reminisce about some comparatively good television from back in the days when television was largely worth watching.  In the early 90’s it was all about sitting down around 8/7c on a Friday night with the family and tuning into the TGIF lineup on ABC.

“It’s Friday night… and the moon is bright.  Gonna have some fun, show you how it’s done… TGIF”  (god help me, I typed that one from memory…)

TGIF brought us such shows as PERFECT STRANGERS, FAMILY MATTERS, BOY MEETS WORLD, DINOSAURS and STEP BY STEP.  If there were other shows that aired at the same time on Fridays in the early 90’s, they were completely dead to me.

Additionally, the 90’s was nearing the end of what I would consider to be the heyday of the TV theme song.  The theme songs of the 80’s and 90’s were sometimes better than the show they prefaced (aka SMALL WONDER or SILVER SPOONS) and were every bit as important as the shows themselves.  A lot of the theme songs were a full minute or two long which would be almost unheard of today with air time being as compressed as it is.  I’m not saying that the current generation of theme songs are bad per se, but it’s much more difficult to point to any given show nowadays and say “that show has a great intro”.

Maybe that has to do somewhat with the DVR-and-skip-ahead mindset of TV viewing nowadays.  For instance, SONS OF ANARCHY has a great intro theme.  So does TRUE BLOOD and GAME OF THRONES.  But do I ever actually take time to watch them?  Nope.  My red-blooded American need for immediate gratification dictates that I blow straight past them to get to the show.  Even if I watched them every time, I would highly doubt that 20 years from now I would sit down and post about my fond memories of the SOA intro as much as the shows I watched 20 years ago.

So without further ado, let’s bring back some memories with the theme song to STEP BY STEP.  This was a great show with a great cast back in the day that was actually wholesome to watch.  What can we compare this to today, SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER?  Um, no.  It was originally created as a show specifically to re-employ PATRICK DUFFY after DALLAS ended and teamed him up with SUZANNE SOMERS who was a fellow 70’s TV icon.

Fun fact of the day: The song itself was written and performed by JESSE FREDRICK, the same guy who wrote other legendary intros to PERFECT STRANGERS, FAMILY MATTERS and FULL HOUSE.

MIDWEST MARK’S challenge:  For those of you who actually watched this show back in the day, try to not get this damn song stuck in your head.  It’s been stuck in mine for two decades.