TV Shows – Not Just For Networks Anymore

Whenever you alert us to interesting items we try to respond.  Mostly we will do so on our Facebook page, but occasionally something is interesting enough for us to discuss on the blog.  The Other Midwest Mike sent me a text this morning about an article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal.

The gist of the article is that creators of TV shows are not limited to major networks and in some cases choose alternative outlets first.

This shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone as this has been the trend over the last couple of years.  Major networks were slow to adopt to the reality that people like to watch new programming all year round and not just the 22 weeks that they are willing to provide.

Also, networks just don’t support their own programming and quickly cancel shows at the first dip in ratings.  Alternative outlets are much better at promoting and developing their programing.  It’s weird, but if you target an audience and deliver a product to them consistently, they’ll watch it.

There were many more interesting items in the article, these were just some of the highlights.