Trouble with the Big Bang

Ok is anyone else concerned with the BIG BANG THEORY?  What is going on?  What exactly are they doing with this season?

Here are my problems with the direction of the show:

The Howard in space bit has run it’s course.  If he is in space next week, I’m going to start hoping for your standard Russian space accident.

Sheldon has to hire an assistant?  Oh and this assistant happens to be smoking hot?  Come on.  So what are they doing this for?  To put more tension in the relationship between Leonard and Penny?  Seriously.  At this point, I really don’t give a Zooey Deschanel (I’m using her name instead of the f-word, and I would credit the person who gave me that idea, but he called me a narcissist so, I’m going to claim all the credit in true narcissistic fashion) if they get together, they break up, or they both get hit by a bus.

The show is starting to feel 3RD ROCK FROM THE SUN-ish.  In the beginning of 3rd Rock, it was funny to watch the aliens try to figure out the new world they were living in.  On BIG BANG, it was funny to see these nerdy science guys try to interact with the non-smart world.  By this point though, they should have been able to grow and evolve somewhat.  They are no longer new to hanging out with non-smart people.  They should be smart enough to adapt.  Koothrappali still can’t talk to women?  At first that was funny.  Now I’m starting to wonder if he has bodies hidden in the crawl space.

I think the writers are starting to run out of story lines.  Be on the lookout for the BIG BANG crew to start making trips to other locations a-la a Very Brady Hawaiian vacation.

What did I like:

Mayim Bialik (BLOSSOM) as Amy Farrah Fowler continues to be very funny.  Bialik has made quite a come back and has more than earned her way back in to Hollywood and whatever happens in the future with BIG BANG, she will for sure be given more opportunities.

The Outlook:

Well, I’ll continue to watch the show because it is still funny.  I just have concerns.  I have the feeling we may have seen this show run it’s course and it’s going to start to devolve in to something that will keep the masses happy so everyone can continue to milk this cash cow.