Trouble With The Big Bang Theory

big bang theoryIt pains me to write this, and I know that based on the ratings that many people out there might not agree with me but, there is trouble with The Big Bang Theory.

I know, I know.  It’s TV’s #1 show.  6.5 million people watched last week’s episode.  It’s a hugely popular show but I’m here to tell you there are cracks starting to show.

The Big Bang Theory has been on TV since 2007.  Can you believe that?  It’s already been running for 6 years.  If you remember when it started, the show was focused on 3 characters.  The show was supposed to be a Johnny Galecki vehicle since he was the most well-known person on the show but the Sheldon Cooper character quickly became the most popular person on the show.  The original interactions between Penny and Sheldon were some of the funniest parts of the show.  Heck, interactions with Sheldon and anyone were the funniest parts of the show.  Sheldon Cooper made Asperger’s funny.

Here is where my first problem comes in.  What else can they do with Sheldon?  How many more situations can they put Sheldon in where he will hilariously misinterpret what is happening because he’s autistic?  We have seen it all really and anything new that they try to do with Sheldon is really just more of the same rehashed over and over and over.

Speaking of Sheldon, am I to believe really that he has had a girlfriend for as long as he has?  First, am I to believe that he has a girlfriend?  Matching him up with Blossom was already a stretch to begin with.  Ok fine, you have to have a love interest on TV but really? I was willing to suspend disbelief but now we are getting to the point of ridiculous.  Something has to happen there and logic would say that Amy Farrah Fowler would dump Sheldon but then how does Blossom stay on the show?  They need to do something though because this is a relationship I am very tired of.  I don’t want to hear Blossom complain one more time that Sheldon never touches her.  We’ve heard it.

What about Koothrappali?  He can talk to women now?  I guess after 7 years you have to make him grow somehow and really, I was also sick of the Koothrappali can only talk to women when he’s drinking bit that they have been doing.  What are they going to do with this new skill they have given him?  Are you really going to have him bring on a love interest of Regina King?  Really?

What is the next step now for Howard and Bernadette?  I was nearly done with the show when they sent Howard to space but thankfully that story line didn’t last too long but what are they going to do?  By the way, of all the characters on the show, Howard is the one who has shown the most growth during the run of the series.  I don’t know who writes for that character but they have done a good job showing him change and develop.  So now he’s a real adult now what?  Howard was funny as a sleaze-ball.  Now he’s a married man.  Are they going to get Bernadette pregnant and try to show Howard as a dad?  Adding a baby is a sure way to give writers new story lines for a sinking show.  Be on the lookout for this possibility.

And finally, let’s talk about Penny and Leonard.  First, let’s ignore that Penny seems to work very part-time as a server and has never had any acting gigs but lives in a fantastic apartment all by herself.  The two PhD’s that live across the hall can’t even live on their own but the server can.  Ok.  Right.  Also remember Penny at the start of the show?  Remember the kinds of guys she was dating?  They were not like the tiny Hobbit Leonard.  So she grew as a person and realized that there is more to life than 6 pack abs, fine.  On a side note, did you know that Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki were dating for a long time?  Did you see who Kaley just got engaged to?  Johnny Galecki doesn’t have to do that wondering thing that you sometimes do after a break up.  I’ll save him the pain of asking those tough questions and I’ll just tell him the answer to all of them is yes.  Yes he does Johnny.

Anyway, what is going on with their relationship?  Am I really to believe again that Leonard is the one who wants to move slowly and isn’t sure about committing?  Give me a friggen break. When this show started, he could barely speak around Penny.  Now we are to believe that he’s thinking, “yea I hit that but now I’m kind of tired of it?”  Please.  If anything, I would believe more that he is tired of Penny only being able to use sex to control him.  If he were to get sick of that, I would believe that.

I think there is trouble with The Big Bang Theory.  I know this might not be a popular position but that is often the case with trailblazers.  We have to show the rest of the world the light so they can find the right path.  It’s a difficult job but one I know I must do.

If you are a fan of The Big Bang Theory keep an eye out for story lines this year and tell me if you start to see any of what I’m talking about.  I think we have seen The Big Bang Theory reach the apogee of it’s orbit (that’s right.  Look that one up.) and all we can expect from this point is to see the orbit continue to degrade until this show burns up in the atmosphere.

The Big Bang Theory airs on CBS Tuesdays at 7:00.