Trip Flip – Not Your Average Travel Show

It’s Memorial Day weekend and it’s about 53 and cloudy here in Chicago.  So, I’m sitting on the couch looking for something to watch on a Saturday afternoon.  That’s when I stumbled across this show – Trip Flip.

In each episode a professional fun-seeker and travel expert Bert Kreischer convinces two random people to spontaneously agree to a 3-day surprise vacation.  They show him wandering busy streets asking random people if they want to go on vacation with him.

The biggest catch is that you have to agree to go on vacation with some strange guy for 3 days with no idea where you are going.  Further, once he tells you where you are going, he doesn’t tell you anything about what you are going to do.  

I’ve only stumbled upon this show today and only watched 3 episodes – Nashville, Cancun, and Austin.  It’s a fun show – think Art Mann with a lot less drunk college kids. During the Nashville trip, the couple went to to the CMA’s and met, The Band Perry, Kellie Pickler, and Vanilla Ice.

Another excellent concept of the show is that the activities they show are not the things the everyday tourist does.  For example in Cancun the couple partook in Lucha Libre wrestling or they drank Tequila with the Dixie Chicks.

The show airs on the Travel Channel and it looks like season 2 ends tomorrow with one lucky couple getting an all expenses paid trip to the Grand Canyon.  I’ve recorded 20 episodes from On Demand and will fly through them as they are only about 22 minutes each.

If you are like me and looking for something new and entertaining, this is a good change of pace show.